Misal Pav

The Pride of Nashik

No mention of Nashik’s street food is complete without singing praises of the utterly delectable Misal Pav. Packed with a variety of flavors, this Misal is arguably one of the most loved dishes all over the city. It comprises of a spicy curry called rassa and pav, garnished with chopped onion, sev, lemon, coriander and served with buttermilk or papad. The spicy red oil that gives the Misal its flavorsome taste is a signature of an authentic Nashik Misal dish.

Where to Explore

You can the famous Nashik Misal at Hotel Sudarshan, Sadhana Misal, Tushar Misal, Shree Krishna Misal, Shamsundar Misal, Vihar Mamacha Mala, Ambika Misal and Om tea House.